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German Interior Ministry Internet Expertise re internet spying and censorship, 17 Feb 2009

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March 13, 2009
fast site, current site, Sweden, US, Latvia, Slovakia, UK, Finland, Netherlands, Poland, Tonga, Europe, SSL, Tor

Government (bureaucracy)
German Ministry of Interior
Primary language
File size in bytes
File type information
PDF document, version 1.3
Cryptographic identity
SHA256 6cc40dfc7f6e9bfec537be0e2a28270b09ace7731ecf2e1174a8fee094fb386f
Description (as provided by our source)

1. Has been released this morning by Alvar Freude in his blog

2. It is an internal expertise from the ministry of interior of Germany, challenging the viewpoint that internet communication is subject to german telecommunications secrecy and that blocking of thousands of website as planned by the interior ministry does not violate basic rights

3. Anyone interested in internet censorship

4. Alvar Freude <[email protected]> who is the original recipient of the document

5. Mr. Freude is a jury member of the "big brother award" so he is well known for his concern about online rights and privacy. He received it by anonymous snail mail

6. The planned blocking of websites - either by passing a law (interior ministry) or calling on "voluntary" blocking by providers (favoured by ministry of family affairs)

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