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Yale pharmacology chair Joseph Schlessinger suppressed site exposing sexual, financial misconduct, 14 Sep 2009

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September 13, 2009

The body of Annie Le, formally a pretty Yale pharmacology graduate student was discovered stuffed into pharmacology lab wall cavity last week. Coincidently, last month, before the discovery of the body, WikiLeaks recieved information on a censorship case involving Yale's pharmacology chair, Dr. Joseph Schlessinger.

Dr. Schlessinger, who has not been declared a suspect in the case, although his management of fratenization policies may come under fire, had been sued by his former secretary for sexual harrassment and is alleged to be a notorious womanizer. He had also been successfully sued by the Weitzman Institute for Science in 2006, for misappropriation of research worth $900M dollars in roylties.

Earlier this year or last year, undisclosed individuals, possibly the aggreived parties, registered "", where they placed the court records, transcripts, and links to news articles, all woven together in a morally indignant tone that questioned how Dr. Schlessinger had ever been appointed chair at Yale in the first place.

Rather than suing for libel, which may have been a difficult case to sustain, as most allegations were based on the public record, Dr. Schlessinger took a case to the WIPO, or World Intellectual Property Organization, where he claimed that he owned the commonlaw rights to "".

Although the 1st Amendment has historically been viewed as giving special protection to criticism, in July 2009, WIPO ordered that control of the name be handed over to Dr. Schlessinger.

The attached file is a PDF containing detail that was present on, together with a description of the WIPO case and other matters relating to public posturing by Dr. Schlessinger and his critics.
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